Course in Firearms and weapons Safety (Approved for Firearms Licensing in Queensland)


Under the Weapons Act 1990 (Qld), Weapons Act licence applicants must have successfully completed a course approved by the Commissioner of Police in firearms/weapons safety training.

This course provides Weapons Act licence applicants:
• who are deemed to be a fit and proper person; and
• with genuine reasons for possessing a weapon under the Weapons Act 1990;
with the knowledge and skills to possess and use firearms/weapons lawfully, responsibly and safely, thus making them eligible to apply for a Weapons Act licence, in one or more of the following categories of firearms/weapons:
• Categories A and B
• Category C
• Category D
• Category H
• Category M (Crossbows)
• Category M (other than crossbows)
• Category R
The course also provides necessary firearms/weapons safety training for :
• Queensland Police Service staff, who as part of their duties, require the physical possession of a firearm/weapon;
• Officers in other government departments who possess and use firearms/weapons as part of their normal duties, including seed gathering and animal tagging, euthanizing and culling.

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